Chemie-Unterricht am Gymnasium Bleckede

Just a few things are more exiting than the questions about the substance. What is substance? What is our universe built with? What is our earth built with? What are we built with? Answers about these and more questions scientists get in experiments.

We are doing many experiments in our chemistry lessons, because exiting experiments will stay in our heads. We have got the perfect equipment for our students to plan, do and analyse their own experiments in small groups.


And this are the topics of the grades:

grade 6: "substance-What is it?- material and their properties"

grade 7: "How to make gold- The chemical reaction"

grade 8: "The secret language of the Chemistry"

grade 9: " The building of the universe"

grade 10: "What the world holds together- chemical bond"


grade 11/1: "blocks of live- Die organicly chemistry"

grade 11/2: " Rules of the game of chemistry- kinetics, energy, chemicale balance"

grade 12/1: "protons and electrons in action- acid-base and redoxreaction"

grade 12/2: " Spaceship earth- enviroment of Chemisty"

Artikel aus den Fächern

Bienvenue en France

„Welcome to France“: With these friendly words 25 8th and 9th grades were welcomed with their coming in the partner country. Accompanied by Mrs. Delfs-Schäfer and Mr. Mischke they started the return visit, after our French friends were already in March with us for visit. At the end of the 10-day stay came on the 20th of June all travellers overtires, but happily, again in Bleckede. Instead of a detailed report here a few thoughts for our time in F R A N C E. 

Translated by Tom&Tim