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Aus dem Schulleben

Halloween stories about our school!!

Wir sind aus der Klasse 6c und wollen euch mit diesen beiden Geschichten zeigen wie gut wir schon Englisch sprechen und schreiben können.

The story behind the stories is simple but interesting.

This year our English lessons with Mrs Köhler are in the history room. At the moment we learn and talk about schools in England. We learn a lot and compare it to our school “ Gymnasium Bleckede,” too. So far we have created posters about our school which you can see in the auditorium.

….but the story is not as simple as that. 

Every time we have English the light magically turns itself off. We turn it on and the same happens a few minutes later again.  Soon it will be okay. This gave us the idea to write English stories about school, plus Halloween is coming soon. There are many more stories and dialogues about unicorns in our school, about Christmas at our school and about a visit to England which we would really like! They will be published soon, after the autumn/fall holidays.

We hope you enjoy our stories!            6c