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Die Schüler der älteren Jahrgänge unterstützen ihre Mitschüler.


BeratungsnetzwerkWir haben ein offenes Ohr für Dich!

Aus dem Schulleben

Ce n’est qu’un au revoir …

(=We are going to see us again)-this assurance had all guests at the farewell party for the french friends. With 44 adolescents and their 4 tutors from our partner school of Auffay, we celebrated the ending of their visit on March 26th, 2014. On the next day they returned home. Everybody thought that their visit had passed too fast. For the forthcoming farewell party a nice buffet was assorted. Beyond any dispute, the exchange-cake, which was build at a parents' house, was the star of the day.


On the morning of the last day, the french guests visited the "Museum of Salt" of Lüneburg. After this, they had lunch in the cafeteria to prerpare the plenum afternoon. And  after that they had to shopped  for a nice look.